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Leny Fralicker


 Thanks for Stopping By! 

2019 started with a bang for us and our business has grown more than I ever imagined during that first year.

My name is Leny and I'm a newbie to Southwest Florida.  My family and I moved here from Jacksonville, Florida in 2017 when my son suddenly started to suffer from a slew of health issues.  We spent most of 2018 getting him seen by multiple specialists in town only to find out he had developed severe allergies to the environment and our Goldendoodle, Sadie. 

We started him on a routine that involved multiple medications to try and control his allergic reactions and it seemed that he couldn't go one week without a new illness.  His three-year old immune system was weak and overwhelmed by the new environment.

We enrolled him in preschool and he spent the few months fighting off sickness, with some of those illnesses sending us to the ER a total of 13 times that year. Frustrated and desperate, I pulled him out of school and vowed to research, learn and learn some more.

I think I spent a small fortune on natural supplements, hoping something could finally boost his immunity and keep us out of the pediatrician's office when finally I started hearing a few moms recommend Elderberry syrup.  I paid $35 for 5 ounces at the health store and it quickly added up for a family of four.

Christmas 2018, our entire family was out-for-the-count with an aggressive respiratory virus and I finally had a chance to try and make my own Elderberry Syrup. 

A few days later, both of the children were back to good health and I made it out without a scratch! This was the first time I hadn't caught a cold from the kids while taking care of them and I was amazed- considering that both kids had coughed and sneezed in my face- multiple times.  Twelve days later, my husband was STILL recovering from that same cold and I was instantly a BELIEVER! 

I started offering to make the Elixir for friends and family and two weeks later I had 75 orders. I am so excited to bring a homemade remedy to our community and I look forward to hearing how the Elderberry Elixir impacts you and your family.

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  • Today is January 28th, 2020. One year ago I decided to try my friends homemade Elderberry Elixir. After reading and seeing post of Facebook about boosting your immune system to help fight the flu or just getting sick. I was totally on board to try it out. I was tired of getting sick after everyone at work. I couldn’t afford to take off work. Living as an adult you don’t take the time to take care of yourself and you tire yourself out, work to exhaustion, get stressed out and have lack of sleep. All things that make it easier for your body to get sick. After I got use to the bitter taste. (I never had elderberry before) I started to noticed that I was doing pretty good. And some batches were much sweeter than others. The true test was November when the melaleuca trees bloom here is FL. I always get a stuffy nose. But to my surprise it never happened. Every time I had a start of a sore throat or a tickle. I took two doses and by the second day I was 100% good to go.
    Everyone has been getting since when school started. But I never did. This is the best way to spent your money instead of spending it on cold medicine or going to the doctor.
    Thank you Leny for making Elderberry Elixir. I will forever be a loyal customer

    (Ps trying to hook my family on it and the people I work with 😊)

    Andra Pettit

  • A friend of mine who lives North of Tampa was telling me how she’s been feeling under the weather and works as an ER nurse so her immune system is constantly getting attacked. Her and I swear by Thieves from Young Living and it’s been helping her fight off a lot of sickness but I knew Elderberry Elixir would help give her that extra boost she needs. As soon as she told me she was feeling sick, I jumped online and sent her a bottle right away. I’m a huge fan of Elderberry Elixir and share it and gift it to others whenever I can!

    Katie Kupser

  • Simply amazing! My husband, my 1 year old, my mom and I have taken this. My mom took it every two hours after starting to feel ill after a flight. She didn’t get sick!! She loves this now and is ready to order some herself! My son was sick all last fall as he’s in daycare. Knock on wood but he hasn’t been sick this fall thus far. Time to order more to ensure he doesn’t get crazy sick this fall. Thank you, elderberry elixir!

    Janiece Richard

  • This is hands down THE best elderberry mix I have ever purchased!!! The taste is more than I had expected, it was fabulous and the kids take it with no issues at all, we all actually like it! I will not purchase it anywhere else, ever! Thank you so much for preparing this amazing tasteful remedy for us all 😄

    Candy Adams

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