Elderberry Elixir is a concentrated immunity syrup that can mixed, diluted, sweetened, frozen and used to super-charge your favorite drinks.
We’ve crafted a light, bubbly, refreshing drink that will get you in the mood for spring time.

Organic Orange juice
Ginger juice or Ginger Tea
Sparkling lime water
1 TBSP Elderberry elixir
So  why are these ingredients so good for you?  Let’s break it down!
Orange juice: Prevention of kidney stones, Improved blood circulation, Reduced inflammation, Balanced blood pressure, Improved cholesterol, Radiant skin, Improved heart health
Ginger: Relieve nausea, Promotes stomach health, Manage inflammation, Ease respiratory conditions, Boost brain function, Relieve menstrual discomfort, Strengthen the immune system
Sparkling Lime water : First off it’s fizzy goodness, Promotes consumption of water, Helps improve diet, May aid digestion, Reduces cancer chances, Improves skin quality, Promotes weight loss, Improves immune system, Reduces risk of heart disease, Lowers blood sugar, Prevents the growth of mirco-organisms
Elderberry elixir: High in vitamin C, High in vitamin C, A good source ofphenolic acids, A good source of flavonols, Rich in anthocyanins, Heart health, High in antioxidants, Improves cold and flu like symptoms
Now lets make this liquid gold!
  • 1 Can of sparkling lime water of choice 
  • 1/2 Cup of orange juice
  • 2 Tbs of ginger juice
  • 1 Tbs of our elixir
Step 1: Fill cup (Or mason jar we love our jars over here) with ice and pour your fizzy water in!

Step 2: Add the 1/2 cup of Orange juice
Step 3: Add the 2 Tbsp of ginger magic juice.
Step 4: We saved the best ingredient for last! Time to add your Elderberry elixir!
Step 5: Stir all the yummy goodness together and garnish with a lime slice!
Sip and enjoy!
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